What must the banks do?
What are the town trials?
Is it chip now and PIN later?
What is EMV?
What is the BRC chip card architecture?
What standards apply?

What must the banks do?

Of the 100 million or so plastic cards in circulation within the UK, just over one half now have the EMV chip embedded. But it is important to note that these are chip only cards, which do not support PIN at the point of sale. Over the next three years the banks will be replacing all 100 million cards with chip and PIN cards. Over the same period of time they will need be educating their cardholders on the use of PIN. This education will be coordinated with the Chip and PIN programme.

Many banks will be involved in the town trials, [see: what are the town trials?] In these towns, those banks will force re-issue chip and PIN cards to enable their cardholders to take part fully in the trial.

Most banks have already upgraded their card authorisation and settlement processing systems to manage the new EMV chip information. The are also completing the procedures to manage cardholder PIN changes. At present they are finalising the their own arrangements for certifying the new chip and PIN retailer systems to comply with EMV standards.

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