What must the banks do?
What are the town trials?
Is it chip now and PIN later?
What is EMV?
What is the BRC chip card architecture?
What standards apply?

What are the town trials?

Public trials of live chip and PIN transactions will begin during the start of 2003. The first town to take part in the trial has been named as Northampton. Although the project has been termed a "trial", in reality it will form the start of full national roll-out. A number of retailers have publicly expressed their support for the trial and several others will also be participating. The current public list is:

Association of Train Operating Companies Sainsbury's Supermarkets
Dixons Stores Group Shell UK Oil Products
Esso Spar
Focus Tesco
Going Places Texaco
Marks and Spencer Total
Powerhouse Wickes
River Island Wm Morrisons Supermarkets

The main purpose for the trial is to obtain feedback from retailers, cardholders and banks on how well the education and training processes worked. The results will be used to prepare for full national roll out. For some retailers, the trial will be used as a proving ground for their systems.

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