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What is the BRC chip card architecture?

Conversion to chip and PIN need not be as highly complex a procedure as it might first appear. Recognising this, the British Retail Consortium have proposed an open systems approach. The recommendation is for a simple chip card reader with associated application software. This also has huge implications for the future allowing further applications such as e-purse and e-loyalty to be added on without costly upgrades to smart card reader hardware.

Previous standards and specifications relating to chip cards concentrated on either the card itself or encapsulated the whole system, be it payment, telephony or transport. There was nothing in between. With magnetic stripe cards, de facto standards had arisen over time but these did not adequately address the complexity and variety of the smart card world.

"There are major benefits to be gained from a unified, open approach, one of which is the ability to mix and match components from different vendors."

Realising the benefits, the BRC commissioned the development of a chip card architecture. The retail community has welcomed this as it provides definitive shape and form where none previously existed.

[link: brc chip card architecture]

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